The USA Fulfillment Center story

I’ve been the manager at an USA Fulfillment Center for quite some time now. Actually, I couldn’t quite figure out for how long without looking in a calendar. I came across the pond in 2006. A little after that I moved to the city I now live in, and where the USA Fulfillment Center I work in is located. Took me like a year to get my first job there. I worked in a store before, that was next to the USA Fulfillment Center. That meant that a lot of people working there came to me every day. Once I applied for and got my first job there as an administrator, I had already met most of them – even if it was mostly quite briefly.

I was working with administration for around 3 years. I don’t know how other USA Fulfillment Centers work, but I know this one better than I know myself. That role that I had was not like any other work in the whole building. Oh no, sir. At the USA Fulfillment Center, I had a very (shall we say) open role. It was like I played in all teams at the same time. What did I think about this? I loved it. It fits me perfectly to be some kind of middle man in the organization. Somebody at the USA Fulfillment Center that everybody knows, pretty much.

So, three years went by and it was time for me to move on. Time for me to chase my dreams, whatever they were. You know, I loved the USA Fulfillment Center I worked in, but I felt like I was done with the role. Very done. Then a manager position opened up in the organization. I could finally do what I wanted to do for a long time. I could work in a role that opened up possibilities to make the company better. I don’t know why but I had a really strong feeling that my skills was made for that. I am a people person. That’s been very obvious to me during my entire life. People have also said that numerous time, not only at the USA Fulfillment Center but everywhere. Even back home, even though I left when I was 19, people used to tell me that.

2 years later it was time to move to another position, higher up in the USA Fulfillment Center hierarchy. But that part of the story, I will save for next week.

Thank you for being amazing,

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